Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered here a collection of questions people often ask us along with answers to each one, for your convenience.

Yes you can. Most members join a local unit in their areas as they find there is more help and support, with virtually all areas in England and Wales covered by both armies. We also have Scottish and Irish regiments who fight alongside the main armies. It may be best to join an active local unit whatever its persuasion – if you find that you don’t ‘gel’ with your regiment, you can always transfer to another one at a later date. You will find that, from time to time, you end up fighting for the other side should numbers be short, which members are asked to accept with good grace!
With around 5,000 members in the Sealed Knot, it is unlikely that you will be far away from an active regiment or company. We would be pleased to advise you of the units in your area
The regiment you join usually help by loaning some uniform for your first muster. You will need to buy a regimental doublet and breeches as soon as possible, as well as the basic kit of shirt, hose (long socks), and footwear. Other equipment and weapons will probably be loaned to you initially until you are sure what role you will take, although to carry a firing musket you will need to hold the correct licences from your local police force and pass our musket test. To carry a sword on to the battlefield you will also need to have passed a sword test. Swords are not primary arms which means you have to fight as another discipline, either pike, musket or artillery. There are some regiments with slightly different regulations, such as the cavalry and the Living History Group, so if you want to join one of these, it's best to check in advance what requirements they have.
No, not unless you want to. Everything you need, and more, is available from the traders who attend Traders Row at most events. These traders are all members of the Sealed Knot themselves, and do their best to help fellow members.
No. Some members, such as our overseas ones, may only attend one muster a year, but are just as welcome and just as much a member as somebody who attends a dozen or more events a year. Family, real life, work, travel and many other things influence the amount of musters people can attend, so there is no expected lower limit.
The society publishes a magazine entitled “Orders of the Daye”, which is also available online. This gives full details of how to get to battles and what to expect when you get there (whether there are traders, a draft timetable etc), and any other society news. Most regiments have their own newsletter for sharing information including their own smaller local events.
To join as an Individual Member in your own right, you have to be 18 years old. However, 16-18 year olds can join with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Below 16 years you have to join as family members with a parent or parents, or legal guardian. No one under the age of 16 years is allowed on the battlefield.
We have plenty of families (after all this time, we now have generations who were ‘born in the Knot’, some of whose parents even met in the Knot!), but also have single people, single parents families, couples and extended families: there is no bar because of family circumstances, age or ability.

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