The Royalist Army is organised into five infantry tercios and a cavalry regiment. Each tercio consists of several regiments of foot. The army is commmanded by the Lord General - appointed by the King to command his field army. On field you will see the army command - the Lord General and his staff - send commands via runners to each tercio commander who order their troops accordingly. On occasion King Charles I commanded the army himself and at some re-enactments you may see the Royal Standard indicating the King is present. The following list shows the Regiments in each tercio.

Operating separately from the armies

  • Sir Bernard de Gommes Companie of Pioneers & Fireworkers (all areas)

Non-Army Units

The Sealed Knot is not just made up of fighting regiments. There are several units that don't operate under a particular army, don’t fight, and recruit in all areas. These are:

Friends of the Knot

This is a way for members to keep in touch who are, for whatever reason, unable to attend events as full members. Their membership includes access to the Members' Only website, and copies of the magazine Orders of the Day.

Living History

It is the aim of our Living History display to give as accurate a portrayal of this period as possible. However, some things cannot be portrayed; the bad smells and sounds, the screams from the surgeons tent, the lack of latrines and hygiene; these and the like we prefer to leave to the imagination. However, visitors are welcome, indeed encouraged, to converse with the inhabitants of the camp to learn a little of some of the hardships that were endured. It should be understood that the common soldier would have slept in the hedgerows regardless of the weather, therefore the camp portrayed is one of comparative luxury and the status of the individuals would have been quite high in the army. Indeed, some will only be using the tentage as a receiving area whilst at camp and would possibly have arranged billeting in a local manor house sympathetic to their cause.

Sealed Knot Medical Society

Members are also part of a regiment.

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