Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update - 5 June 2020

5 June 2020


Unfortunately, you won’t hearing the sound of musket fire, the roar of the cannon, the charge of cavalry or the clash of pike again for a little while yet.

Due to Coronavirus we won’t be appearing at any events before the end of August.

Along with a host of events up and down the country that have been cancelled due to the crisis, this means that we’re unable to hold what was planned to be a ‘campaign’ of events to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the Battle of Naseby, which took place on 14 June 1645, and was due to culminate in a spectacular recreation of the battle at the August Bank Holiday. Naseby was one of the decisive battles of the Civil Wars, the outcome of which had a profound impact on the shape of our nation.

Sharing our disappointment are the sponsors and organisers of all the events up and down the country that might have been - many of these we hope will now take place next year.
Feeling it as much as us are the Naseby Battlefield Project, close collaborators in planning for the Naseby campaign.

Keep following the great work they do to preserve and interpret one of the country’s most unspoiled battlefields -

Follow the day to day build up to the battle on 14th June -

To find out more about the battle you can also watch the recent episode of Britain’s Lost Battlefields, which features members of the Sealed Knot and the Naseby Battlefield Project -…/britain-s-lost-battlefields-with-rob-b…

We will be back, just as soon as its safe for us and all of you who come watch us, to do so.

We can’t yet tell you when that’s going to be. We’re reliant on the what government guidelines on hygiene and safe distancing measures mean for us.

As soon as we know, we’ll let know.

And don’t worry, when we come back, we’ll be back with a bang!

In the meantime, stay safe.

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