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Principally we perform re-enactments in local communities based around battles, skirmishes and sieges of the English Civil War. We try to perform re-enactments on battlefields and in key locations, where possible on the anniversary of the event. This includes annual events at Nantwich, Cheriton, Basing House, Stratton, Marston Moor, Naseby, Edgehill and Ripple.

We believe understanding our local history helps build a sense of community for all. Therefore we try to support local heritage projects related to artefacts, battlefields, commemorative plaques and monuments.

If you are keen to work with us on a local project please contact our commemorations team.


The Sealed Knot supported the West Berkshire Museum with its appeal for people and businesses to help purchase an oil painting of Lord Jacob Astley. If the sale price of £16,000 was not realised in the UK, it was in danger of being sold overseas. West Berkshire Museum wanted to acquire the painting for its collection. The Sealed Knot pledged to donate £2,000.


We are very proud of our involvement with the Naseby Battlefield Project where the Sealed Knot has part-funded the purchase of land upon which to build a visitor centre. Fundraising is now required in order to build this experience for one of our nationally important battles. Another ongoing achievement is the work we performed with the Battle of Cheriton Project where our involvement has helped fund a battle board trail around the site. Each year we also provide a week long encampment for the local school children to attend to learn more about their local history.

The Sealed Knot is committed to raising awareness amongst local communities where their 17th Century history is at threat. We are working with heritage partners English Heritage and The Battlefields Trust to raise awareness and support for the Battlefields Risk Register. This register lists those battlefields under risk of development and thus being lost to the community. We are working with local communities, in particular for the high-risk category civil war battlefields in places such as Newbury. We are also developing projects at Adwalton Moor in West Yorkshire and Langport in Somerset. We already have involvement with the Battle of Worcester Society and Partnership. If you would like to get involved in any of these projects please contact us.


Through the last forty years the Sealed Knot has supported the erection of plaques and monuments to commemorate events in history. We recently supported and helped pay for plaques in Coleford and the monument at Hopton Heath. We have also erected plaques at places such as the Christmas Steps in Bristol and on Colby Moor in Pembrokeshire.