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Book of Remembrance

St Mary’s Church, Ripple, Worcestershire.

The Sealed Knot maintains a Book of Remembrance in honour of members who have died ‘in service’ by which we mean those who are still members at the time of death. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. when someone’s membership is lapsed because of long-term illness) former members may be included.

The Book of Remembrance is a leather-bound loose-leaf volume with parchment paper pages and professionally-written calligraphic entries. It is maintained on behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the society by the Yeomen of the Knot. This is an independent unit established by the founder of the Sealed Knot (Brigadier Peter Young, D.S.O., M.C. and two Bars) and drawn from all sections of the society. The Yeomen perform various formal and ceremonial duties which include escorting important guests and protecting the collective ‘memory’ of the society.

The Book of Remembrance is displayed at the church which is today the unofficial spiritual home of the Sealed Knot, the Church of St. Mary at Ripple, Worcestershire, near to junction 1 of the M50. Ripple is where the Brigadier enjoyed his final years with his wife Joan. The Sealed Knot is privileged because the Church Authorities have permitted the installation of a memorial window and plaque to Peter and Joan alongside the original Grant of Arms of the Society. The Book of Remembrance is in a case below the Grant. These may all be found in the southeast corner of the nave of the church.

The Book of Remembrance is usually updated during September, in advance of the annual Sealed Knot Service of Remembrance which is held at the Church in early October. The names of people newly included in the Book are read out as part of that service.

Applications for inclusion should be made by the Sealed Knot Regimental unit adjutant on the BoR form (available in the SK members site) which should be sent as early as possible to the Keeper of the Book of Remembrance at [email protected] 

Colin Bisset, Captain of the Yeomen of the Knot

The Keeper of the Book of Remembrance: Malcolm J Watkins

Online Book Of Remembrance

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